Sunday, October 24, 2010

I finally gave in.

Well I finally gave in and started a blog!  We'll see how this all turns out.  Maybe I'll do good and keep up with it.  I've tried journaling before but never wrote in my journals consistently.  I hope blogging will turn out better since I don't actually have to write it out by hand!!!  I think this will be a good idea so when my kids are grown they can look back and see how their momma was thinking or feeling at the time.  I know I would have loved to have a look into the past and see how my mom was doing things back when I was little.  Especially since she is a mother of four!  How she managed to keep up with four kids and still have some little ounce of energy at the end of each day still boggles my mind as I try to keep up with my two boys!  Funny story:  Today after morning worship we went out to eat at a Mexican resturaunt with some friends.  Charlie tells me he needs to go pee pee (thank goodness he is finally potty trained!  WOO HOO!).  Anyways we go potty and when he comes out and see's Andy he yells out loud in the resturaunt (while jumping up and down), "DADDY I PEE PEE'D!! I PEE PEE'D DADDY!!  Thank goodness everyone around us thought it was funny.  There was definitely a lot of laughter filling the room and my little Charlie boy uttered those words.  Oh the joys of being a mom.  I'm sure there will be many many more moments like that.